HiGrade DPI - A modern tool for placer gold exploration

HiGrade DPI is a novel analysis tool for placer gold that relies on modern image processing software to delineate gold particles based on their color. A high resolution image is created. The automatic HiGrade DPI particle analyzer identifies and lists all contained gold particles and calculates the gold grade of the sample. The automatically generated report also includes unique statistics on the particle size distribution and particle shape. The analysis takes less than 5 min, requires no consumables and is non-destructive.  
HiGrade offers an integrated tool for industrial or scientific applications, including dedicated prospectors, mineral laboratories, exploration firms and placer mining operations.




Analyze exploration samples in the field or laboratory. Applicable for pits, trenches, auger or percussion drill samples.

Bulk Sampling


Extract data instantly from representative samples with the DPI tool. Digital data replaces manual counting, weighing, mercury amalgamation or fire assaying. 



Make sound decisions on the move of heavy equipment to the most prospective locations. HiGrade DPI forecasts the gold recovery rates. 


Samples of a known volume or weight are panned to retain only a small mass of concentrate (typically < 1 gram). This sample is then distributed in a single particle layer shallow water bath on a custom sample holder. A high resolution scan of the sample is produced in a controlled lighting environment with the lid of the case closed. The HiGrade DPI Particle Analyzer then determines 4 key parameters:    

  1. Calculated gold content (based on calibration parameters or in comparison to other samples in its database) 
  2. Particle count (number of gold particles in the sample) 
  3. Particle shape (shape of gold particles with respect to their angularity)
  4. Particle size (in mesh or micron) 


Submit a sample for testing

  1. Submit approx 10g of pan concentrate, containing 100+ representative gold particles
  2. We scan and calibrate against ISO 9001 certified fire assay
  3. We provide a report with accuracy and calibration data (see sample calibration report for download below)
  4. The calibration data set is included with tool purchase


Plug&Play HiGrade Tool includes

  1. HIGRADE Digital Particle Imaging and Analysis software package
  2. Protector case with laser-cut foam insert for maximum protection in harsh environments
  3. Scan hardware and custom sample holders
  4. Computing hardware
  5. Includes accessories for sample presentation and sample removal
  6. Pre-installed and tested, no installation necessary - Plug - and - Play
  7. Power: 110VAC or 220VAC or 12VDC version available


Image analysis based, non-destructive placer gold analysis was invented by Prof. Herrmann Wotruba, a globally recognized expert in placer gold exploration and recovery at RWTH Aachen University. The technique was applied extensively by Dr. Andreas Schiffers while evaluating methods of gold recovery as a by-product from sand/gravel washing operations in Europe. 

HiGrade Technik optimized the the method with larger, more robust sample holders, standardized calibration procedures and fully integrated scanning, image processing and data output software.
Our development efforts are closely coordinated with technology adopters, both individual prospectors and international exploration firms. Robust hardware and intuitive software serve a wide range of industry experts. 

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